Wednesday, November 15, 2006


To me this was surprising and sad news when I heared that my favourate Hollywood couple Ryan Phillipe and Reese has separated. It was reported that Ryan has been having a scandlous affairs with Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress and his co-star in the movie "Stop Loss".

A devastated Reese pulled the plug on her marriage after she discovered secrete message on her husband's BlackBerry that he and Abbie exchanging.

Reese contacted Los Angeles celebrity divorce attorney Robert Kaufman, who represented Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Marley Persley before announcing the split.

Ryan and Reese who is now Hollywood highest paid actress will now have to determine custody of their two children 7 year-old Ava and Deacon 3.

I found this young couple attractive and I wish they could save their marriage but if things are falling apart, let them call it off.

Personally I really like Reese and hope she finds happiness.


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